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The Edict of Nantes
Five Essays and A New Translation

Yes, please send me the number of copies of The Edict of Nantes: Five Essays and a New Translation indicated below. I understand this book features essays by internationally known historians Barbara B. Diefendorf, Mack P. Holt, Elizabeth Labrousse, J. H. M. Salmon, and Michael Wolfe, and a much needed new translation of the Edict itself by Dr. Jotham Parsons. It is published by The National Huguenot Society, and contains 84 pages with 7 illustrations.

Price is $20.00 (including postage). Make check payable to The National Huguenot Society and send order to:

The National Huguenot Society
7340 Blanco Road, Suite 104
San Antonio, TX 78216-4970

Number of Copies:                      Amount enclosed at $20.00 per copy:                      


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